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Our production line Cibeles Nutrition, formed by the CN powdered formulations and associated supplement products, represents our commitment to Uruguayan health supported by our availability to offer a line of products that satisfies our population’s needs under the premise of: The difference is in our nutritional contribution.


A product for every need: The wide range of formulations ensures the possibility of fulfilling the expectations of people with different needs or the different needs that emerge throughout a person’s life..


The concept of line aims to satisfy and provide with therapeutic tools for health professionals so that they can apply their knowledge without having to adapt formulations or give the same formulation to everybody regardless of their specific needs.


This product line is elaborated in our own Plant that has been specifically built and it is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) as well as having the correspondent certification and authorization from the Ministry of Public health and international evaluators (LQSA – LATU System Quality Austria and HACCP system).

The products are manufactured in controlled quantities and each batch is put through analytical and microbiological control in our own, national and international laboratories to assure the users the quality of what they are consuming.

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